Our Story


Big Dog is a coffee roastery in Ebbw Vale and coffee shop based in Blackwood, South Wales. Sourcing sustainable coffee to roast and serve is fundamental to the relationships we build at origin and with our customers. For us, Big Dog has always been more than providing quality roasted coffee. It’s our aim to build real relationships, create a sense of home and instill trust with independent coffee in our community.

We keep our coffee fresh, seasonal and continuously innovated to ensure you're brewing and drinking only the finest specialty coffee.  

Specialty coffee for everyday people

Big Dog was created in the South Wales valleys and has always been more than just quality coffee. It’s been about building a community, creating trust and a sense of home. We work to source and roast the best tasting coffee from across the globe. It’s our aim to showcase exceptional flavour and build a reputation for quality coffee in the South Wales valleys. Our look is warm, diverse and detailed, everything you want from your coffee.

Our mission has always been to make coffee accessible to everybody. From hardworking to humble, we aim to present delicious coffee to the everyday person. Coffee enthusiast or not, we are driven to be universally recognised for exceptional coffee.

Creating a new industry in the South Wales valleys has always been a part of our vision. With our roastery located in Ebbw Vale and coffee shop in Blackwood, our local customers do not have to travel to enjoy good, tasty coffee.

The journey has only just begun for us.

We hope you continue to enjoy purchasing, brewing and drinking our delicious coffee sourced from across the globe.