Our Movement

Mission Statement

With every cup, creating a sustainable future for the planet and it’s people.

Local coffee for local people

The beauty of the net; it’s made us all locals. Our communities are broader, it’s redefined how we communicate and paved the way forward for retail. Whether it be the immediate community, or our online community, independents are local to you.

Want to be a local?

Purchase our coffee online, join us at a monthly ‘Walk & Talk’, enjoy a brew with at one of our wholesale partners, receive barista training at the roastery or sign up online to become a member of the ‘Big Dog Coffee Crew’; our online newsletter. Investing local has a new meaning; coffee produced with care, provided to people who feel likewise about community, people and planet.

A better local economy

On average, for £1 spent with a small to medium sized business, an estimated 63p remains within the local economy. Comparatively, on average a large business circulated 40p.
 Independents help to build communities and create more jobs. They’ll be seen mobilising their online and physically immediate community to create connections. It’s people, buying from people. Investing in independent business travels well beyond the bottom line. It fuels passion, purpose, and an overwhelming desire to reinvest in society and our planet.