The Rescue Hotel


The Rescue Hotel are a charity organisation supporting the work of Cardiff Dogs home. Not every dog has the best start in life but the volunteers at the organisation aim to re-write their futures.

The Rescue Hotel was formed in 2019 by a small group of Volunteers from Cardiff Dogs Home. The organisation was established to help improve the facilities at the home and provide additional care to those who needed it.

In April 2020 the group became a registered charity, and The Rescue Hotel has moved from strength to strength.

Our company was founded through the love and joy our dogs bring. It’s part of our mission to give back when possible and what better way than wholeheartedly align ourselves with a compassionate, K9 organisation.

As part of our new subscription service in 2021/22, we allocated £1 from every new subscription as a donation to The Rescue Hotel.

The final total raised £189.21

Our work for The Rescue Hotel does not end here. The initiative will restart in July and run until December 2022.