Candy - Uganda, Kiraro

Candy - Uganda, Kiraro

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Country - Uganda

Region – Kiraro

Processing Partner – Agri Evolve

Altitude – 1500-1800 m.a.s.l

Process – Natural

Varietal – SL14 & SL28

Tasting Notes - Sweet Cherry, Blackberry, chocolate

Uganda coffee is back! It's safe to say that we've sorely missed roasting and providing you with a tasty single origin from this African nation. The coffee from this landlocked nation just keeps getting better each season. The continuous investment by Agri Evolve and the producers is truly reflected in the final cup. 

It was our aim to re-introduce a Uganda coffee rich in body, with a bright acidity showcasing notes of berry and chocolate. It's safe to say, the Kiraro has it all. 

Kiraro is an area at the southern end of the Rwenzori Mountains in the far west of Uganda close to the border with D R Congo. It is a densely populated area with many smallholder farmers growing food for their families. Coffee is the main cash crop and farmers depend on their coffee to earn the money to pay for school fees. 

Once again, Agri Evolve and their community of producers have produced a wonderful, complex, naturally processed coffee.