Denzel - Mexico, Huatusco

Denzel - Mexico, Huatusco

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Origin - Mexico

Region - Huatusco 

Producer - Small holder farmers

Processing - Washed

Altitude - 1100-1500 masl

Varietal - Sarchimor, Marsellesa 

Tasting Notes Toffee Apple, Red Berries, Nutty

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The Coffee

This SHG washed microlot is sourced from a community of farmers suppling the Kassandra wet mill in Huatusco (Wa-tu-scoo), in the state of Veracruz. It's our first offering from Mexico and the tasting notes screamed autumnal vibes, selecting this coffee was a no-brainer. We love clean, bright acidity and this coffee has it all; a complete pallet pleaser. The sweet, sticky toffee apple compliments the juicy red berries with a warming nutty undertone. A sweet, balanced, comforting cup, perfect for the time of the year. 

The Region

When driving to Huastusco from Mexico City or Puebla, most of the journey is above the coffee line since this part of Mexico is full of high mountains. While the views can be breathtaking, it is simply too high and cold for coffee to grow. Upon arrival at Huatusco, the scenery and environment change, becoming tropical and humid during the daytime, but also having very cold temperatures throughout the night. Coffee is produced in the central mountainous region of the state of Veracruz (Huatusco and surrounding municipalities).