Big Dog Spotlight: Platfform & The Tarragan Gardens

Now that the end of lockdown is in sight; the evenings draw longer and the thought of summer gets more inviting, the Big Dog collaboration with Platfform will begin. Working with Platfform has been an exciting prospect for Big Dog; our brands’ ethos aligns unequivocally with the strategy and values of Platfform. There is a unified mission for connection, transformation, and social change.

Big Dog live into our values through the power of coffee. Platfform facilitate and deliver their mission through numerous projects within the community. One specific project close to our hearts is the Tarragan Gardens. Tarragan is a community organic gardening project based in Bargoed. The gardens are meticulously cared for by volunteers, platform staff and two community stalwarts: John & Ron. During these strange, uncertain times, the Taraggan community gardens have provided a safe, welcoming space. Throughout lockdown, volunteers and Platfform staff have met weekly to distribute wellbeing, fresh fruit & vegetable packs throughout the community. In such a disconcerting time, Platfform have maintained a connection with individuals through the wonderful produce of Tarragan.

Big Dog felt immediately connected to the gardens, it is nothing short of an oasis within the community. John and Ron are gentlemen of true grit, personality and are wholeheartedly connected to our community. The Tarragan will be the hub for the Big Dog walks and a fitting space to enjoy coffee & conversation.

Please keep your eye out for the start date and we hope for you to join us.

Enjoy the weekend. Come on Wales!


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