Coffee is a commodity. Its traded on the stock exchange and is subject to major instability. It's one of the most frequently traded products and the UK alone drinks 100 million cups of coffee a day.

Like oil and gold, the price per lb increases and decreases all too frequently. Weather conditions, labor rates, quality of crop and traders short selling all affect the worth of our much-loved beverage.

To Big dog, coffee is more than a commodity; it’s the catalyst to our purpose. Along with our dogs, coffee has been one of the simple things we have entrusted with our faith. Coffee to us is not just a caffeine fix or a warming drink, it facilitates communication and assists in building community.

Like the developing countries around the world, Big Dog has felt it vital to support social change and the mental well-being of the people within our communities close to home. A triple bottom is paramount to the core of our business and Big Dog are privileged to move into 2021 with Platfform.

Platfform. For Mental Health & Social Change.

Platfform work with people who are experiencing challenges with their mental health, and with communities who want to create a greater sense of connection, ownership, and well-being in the places that they live.

Platfform are connected, compassionate, brave, and curious. Their vision is sustainable well-being for all. A sense of connection is fundamental for well-being. It includes feeling connected with people, places, communication, nature, supportive organisations, and the wider world.

Big Dog will commence working alongside Platfform in January 2021. The collaboration will initially deliver regular scheduled dogs walks, where anyone will be welcome to join, converse and walk with other people from the community.

Big Dog hope this is just the beginning, and as we grow, we will aim to create opportunities for people in need within our communities through Platfform.

We want to thank Platfform for such an incredible opportunity and cannot wait to share our Big Dog community.

Here’s to Community, Coffee & Dogs.


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