The Next Chapter

Big Dog – Independent coffee roasters of Wales.

If you are not up to date with the Big Dog social media, there were some significant developments made this week. Big Dog have officially moved into the roastery. Developing into a independent roaster was the first significant milestone as a coffee business. We are completely humbled that it’s been achieved over the past 9 months. Since the conceptualisation of Big Dog during the summer of last year, me, Hannah and Clyde have been embracing the journey wholeheartedly.

Big Dog has been more than a business, it has been a route to connection, rediscovering our purpose and provided us with hope in some difficult times. Specialty Coffee has truly empowered the ethos of our business and its only the beginning for our Big Dog family. Our aim was to develop a sustainable, fair, and environmentally friendly business to serve our community and beyond. This being our intent and with family in mind, our talented grandfather will be working to furnish the roastery from local wood entirely. Coffee purchases will be available to collect from the roastery, so please call to see us and grab a fresh flattie at the same time.

The roastery has signified growth, both internally and externally. Big Dog’s collaboration with Platfform continues to develop and the walks will officially commence on the 3rd of June. In addition to the walks, Big Dog will be offering opportunity to individuals to work at roastery through Platfform’s paid work placements. The world of coffee has changed our lives, we hope Big Dog empower people within our community, to feel as we do, and create opportunity for themselves.

Big Dog now have a space to connect with our K9 companions and we hope to develop our relationship with The Rescue Dog Hotel through any means possible. Clyde, ‘Top Dog’, will welcome all of our current and future ambassadors along with any other K9’s who want to be part of Big Dog. There will always be a puppuccino at the ready.

Big Dog Takeovers have now become a ‘thing’. The first successful outing at High Street Fitness has gained momentum. What was aimed to be a cameo appearance has developed into a full-fledged, service offering. The takeovers highlight the versatility within coffee. Paired with out resident DJ, the takeovers are open to all businesses - newly opening, re-opening or potential open days. The possibilities are endless.

The Big Dog roastery will be our hub to cultivate connection within our community. Please, do not be a stranger, our door is always open and a brew on hand.

Here's to the next chapter.

Community, Connection & Coffee.


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