Women in Coffee

Female empowerment - promoting a women’s sense of self-worth, the freedom of choice and the right to influence personal and social change. The month of March celebrates the emancipation of the female race and allows us to provide gratitude to all women within our lives.

The coffee industry has traditionally been dominated by males and provided little attribution to the efforts and struggles of females within the industry. This notion began to change in 2003; The Café Femenino Coffee began. The movement was born to permit female coffee farmers with the credit and voice they required to build an improved future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

The movement started in Peru where an innovative idea was conceived by Isabel Uriarte Latorre and her husband Victor Rojas Diaz, both members of small farming families from the Cajamarca region. The idea - pay women directly for the coffee they produced, in turn, facilitating economic and social equality.


Coffee that empowers women.

Not only is Café Femenino Coffee produced by women farmers, but women also play an integral role in all aspects of supply. The importer, Organic Products Trading Company, was co-founded by a woman. The roasting team is led by a woman, and women drive the sales and marketing for Café Femenino Coffee.

The movement within the coffee industry is revolutionary. It has aimed to significantly impact society with the hope to change human endeavour for the better.

Big Dog want to express our gratitude to women, from all walks of life. As we drink our coffee to begin our week, we will provide appreciation to the women that have helped shape our lives. To the women who have aided us to see the good, persevere with tough and create purpose.


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