An insight into Big Dog's most popular coffee: Brazil, Sao Lucas

Building a reputation for quality specialty coffee has required a ‘go-to’ staple espresso that people can enjoy every day. We required a coffee which was synonymous with our values and supported us as we build a reputation of consistent quality. We needed a versatile coffee, one which could produce a quality cup, regardless of brewing method.

We like to say the Fazenda Sao Lucas found us, back when we first founded Big Dog. Starting with one thirty kilo sack, we used the coffee to begin our roasting journey. Three years on and now names ‘Aelin’, the Brazilian natural is the beating heart of all the single origin coffee’s we roast at Big Dog.

Why Aelin? Engaging with our community and getting closer to our customers has been a prominent part of our mission. Each coffee we roast is an opportunity for one of our customers to showcase the name and character of their beloved pooches. In Aelin’s case, we were on the hunt for a plucky cockapoo. The request was aired via our social media and the owner of Aelin reached out to us as an ex. Student of Bangor University, living back at home in California. Aelin’s owner fell in love with Wales whilst living here, spoke highly of the Welsh people and stressed how much beauty our nation has to offer. Aelin’s owner had a passion for Wales which reflected the passion we have for the Fazenda Sao Lucas.

The Fazenda Sao Lucas is a product of the 6th generation of coffee farmers. Lucas Lancha Oliveria opted to follow in his parents’ footsteps and continue the families’ long heritage of coffee farming. Sao Lucas has been described as a unique coffee farm. The distinctive flavour profile of this coffee can be attributed to extensive family knowledge and Lucas’ disciplined military background. Big Dog are still yet to find a coffee with comparative smoothness paired with tasting notes of milk chocolate and peanut. The big flavour owes itself to the Mundo Novo, Catuai and Catucai varietals grown at the Sao Lucas farm. Sao Lucas has an abundant supply of fresh water and is located near the town of Ribeirao Corrente – which so happens to mean ‘flowing waters’. The town is situated in the region of Alta Mogiana, which sits at an altitude of 1020 meters above sea level. The region has 50 hectares of preserved rainforest and enjoys 1,000 to 2,000mm of annual rainfall.  

The Sao Lucas is by far our most popular and widely consumed coffee we roast at Big Dog. The roaster currently churns 12 sacks a month and that number is set to increase as our community of customers continues to grow. We cannot thank you enough for the ongoing support and regular coffee consumption. Building a specialty coffee roastery and café within the South Wales Valleys has its challenges but we’re committed to serving quality. We owe only our best to the specialty coffee we roast, the hardworking team at Big Dog and most importantly, you – our customer.  

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