Besca for Big Dog

Transforming green beans into complex, flavoursome brown beans, is entirely dependent upon the act of roasting.

The most traditional and highly prevalent method for roasting coffee is with a drum roaster. In simplistic terms, it’s a rotating metal drum that has heat applied to the outside, usually from below, and with air flowing through the drum to remove unwanted roasting fumes.

The person responsible for roasting manipulates many elements of the process – Air Speed, heat application and drum speed, all influence the final characteristics of the coffee.

The roasting process is critical, it unlocks the complex flavor and aroma profile of the green beans. The flavor components within coffee are vast, meticulous care and diligence are required to maintain consistent, flavorful coffee.

Taking control of the roasting process was our primary goal of 2021. Diversifying into a local, independent roaster, increases our focus on quality, identity, and brand authenticity.

Big Dog has chosen to work with Besca Roasters. Over the coming months they will be manufacturing and delivering our exquisite drum roaster.

The growth of Big Dog will be facilitated by our new roaster and we will keep you informed as an empty space gets transformed into the Big Dog roastery.

We hope you continue sharing our journey and enjoy a cup of Big Dog along the way.


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