Whether your friend or relative is simply a coffee lover or a seasoned pro or home barista, a coffee-related gift is a simple but perfect gift guide for your coffee loving friend, loved one (or yourself!).

 We’ve come up with the ultimate Christmas gift guide for coffee lovers this year to make it easy for you to find a gift for that special caffeine-loving someone in your life whilst shopping on a budget.

If they know what they like, why not treat them to a bag of their favourite wholebean or freshly ground coffee. Whether they love an espresso or filter roast coffee, we have a coffee to suit their taste and brewing preference. From caramel and chocolate to tangerine and toffee apple; our coffee range gives the coffee lovers a wide range of choice.

Choose a bag (or two!) and select their preferred roast (espresso or filter) depending on how they roast, then leave the rest to us! We will make sure this is posted out to you or straight to your coffee lover just in time for Christmas!


Brewing with an aeropress

 The AeroPress is a simple and easy brewing method that can be played with to achieve a delicious cup of coffee. It is one of the most popular manual coffee brewing methods. The AeroPress brewing method can brew a full cup of coffee in less than two minutes, faster than almost every other method that exists. It is travel sized and portable, making it easy to brew on the go! The Aeropress uses air pressure, resulting in an even and uniform extraction every time. We have paired the Aeropress with our Christmas Blend for the ultimate Christmas package. Our AeroPress Filter Bundle is available to shop on the website!

 £35.00 (Plus FREE delivery)


Clever Dripper

The Clever Coffee Dripper makes brewing coffee easy. The new Clever Dripper is made from Eastman Tritan BPA free Plastic. This plastic is the best food grade heat resistant plastic available. Perfect for a beginner brewer or your coffee novice; this simple brewing device takes no time at all to extract delicious coffee.


 £35.00 (Plus FREE delivery)


 Our V60 gift set gives you – or that special coffee person in your life – everything you need to start a specialty coffee adventure and master the art of drip filter brewing. It is the perfect gift for the home brewer! The V60 brew method brews in three minutes and provides endless flavour and smooth coffee every time.


  • 250g bag of our Christmas Blend
  • A V60 (plus scoop and filters)

 £35.00 (Plus FREE delivery)


 We’ve put together a wonderful selection of coffees selected specifically for espresso consumers. Whether they are new to the world of freshly roasted, specialty coffee or they are a seasoned connoisseur; these three 250g coffee bags will tingle their taste buds and allow them to sample the very finest espresso coffees in our range. With two tasty single origins and our punchy Christmas Blend; you will have them smiling from ear to ear when they open this ultimate coffee present.

 Brazil, Bom Jesus  

 This single origin coffee from Fazenda Bom Jesus has a bright and remarkable acidity with hints of chocolate and walnuts. It leaves a very light and pleasant aftertaste. Tasty notes of brown sugar and maple syrup make it a naturally sweet cup.

 Ethiopia, Koke

 You’ll get bubble gum goodness from our Ethiopian! As the cup cools, the nectarine appears and emphasises the sweet juiciness of this cup.

 Christmas Blend

 A big, bold cup of festive cheer! This blend is a cup of Christmas, boasting tasting notes of fig, mulled wine, and blackcurrant. The coffee has been carefully roasted for both espresso and filter making sure you can brew however you wish. This boozy blend delivers a rich espresso and a full-bodied filter for you to enjoy through this festive period. 

The blend is a combination of our single origin, sweet Colombia, Suarez and Uganda, Paidha which is fizzing with Cherries and Blueberries.  Perfect as a gift or to enjoy with friends and family over Christmas. 

 £28.00 (you get free delivery on orders over £25!)


We offer coffee subscriptions to suit every budget and satisfy every coffee lover’s taste buds! Purchase a monthly subscription to any of our Big Dog Coffee’s (there’s no limit on how many) or go for our ‘Roaster’s Choice’ subscription', and they’ll receive a different coffee each time. Now that’s every coffee enthusiast’s dream!

 From £6.30

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