How's your coffee tasting?

Does your coffee taste like coffee?

Have you ever looked at the tasting notes on a bag of coffee and thought only a coffee enthusiast could detect such flavours?

Identifying tasting notes takes time but if attention is provided to the taste and smell of your brew, you will soon be able to detect the deeper culture in your cup.


1. Shake and Smell

Once the beans are ground, give the coffee a shake and smell the aroma that gets released. Ignore the smell of coffee and attempt to focus on the other aromas you can pick up on. Fruit? Sweetness? Maybe even nutty aromas? The majority of flavours in coffee originate from aromatic compounds present in the coffee. The connection between our taste and smell will help us pick up more than just 'coffee'.


2. Give the brew a slurrrrp

Brew it up and let it cool. Trust us - grab a spoon. Preferably a soup spoon (No, its not a joke!). Take a spoonful and give it a good slurp. To avoid any unwanted questions, Big Dog suggest doing this alone or maybe with your pooch, if they're not judgmental. If you do have a fellow slurper, all the better. Start with a few spoonful's and we hope the next time you're drinking the brew you'll begin to pick up the flavors. If not - rest assured Big Dog aren't trying to make a fool out of you. Trust the process.


3. Compare your Brews

if you have more than one type of our coffee beans, brew two or more, slurp and compare. Detecting and identifying the differences may be difficult. At first, think sweetness, bitterness and maybe how floral the brew is. You'll soon be an expert slurper and enjoying your brew to the max.



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