Local coffee, for local people

What does local mean to you? Walking distance to your nearest shop, buying your goods from independent businesses, serving a purpose within the community? Maybe all of three. We are all locals to some degree. Some of us have worked in the local supermarket, our children go to the local school and no doubt you pay a visit to the local butcher a couple of times a month. Local means existing in or belonging to the area where you live, or to the area that you are talking about.

With online retail being so prevalent within our society nowadays, being local has taken a new meaning. With our own fingertips, the internet has made us local to independents and retail giants across the globe. Emotive purchasing and instinct buying have been redefined by the global health pandemic. E-Commerce favours large retailers, often with substantial marketing budgets and a hoard of marketers at their disposal. It’s not uncommon for a retailing giant to drown out the decibel of an independents’ voice.

A healthy figure of 5.6 million independent businesses currently operating within the UK alone. All built upon a story, a voice and local to you through the touch of a button. Millions of local independents, serving the community, bolstering the economy and investing in the future generations. The beauty of the net, it’s made us all locals. Our communities are broader, it’s redefined how we communicate and paved the way forward for retail. Whether is be the immediate the community or via online, independents are local to you.

What does “shop local” actually mean?

A better local economy. On average, for £1 spent with a small to medium sized business, an estimated 63p remains within the local economy. Comparatively, a large business circulated 40p on average.

Independents help to build communities and create more jobs. They’ll be seen mobilising their online and physically immediate community to create connections. The environment pays benefit. Local businesses make more local purchases, they are not ossified to traditional environmental practices and remain agile in response to climate change.

Finding an independent falling short with customer service is a rarity. It’s people, buying from people. Investing in independent business travels well beyond the bottom line. It fuels passion, purpose and an overwhelming desire to reinvest in society and our planet.

Local coffee, for local people.

Big Dog - Independent coffee roasters; a small business, available to you through the touch of a button, a journey to the roastery or a brew with a wholesale partner. Investing local has a new meaning. Coffee produced with care, provided to people who feel likewise about community, people and planet.

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