The Generations of Coffee

Coffee is the most consumed beverage worldwide and it’s essential for the coffee industry to meet consumer demands. There is a major growth within the coffee market which has had a significant influence on society.

As the industry grows, it’ becoming increasingly vital to understand who exactly drinks coffee and why. Generational differences in consumer behavior often results in stronger preference towards certain brands and products.

The Generation groups are as follows:

· The Silent Generation 1928-1945 (75-92)
· Baby Boomers 1946-1964 (56-74)
· Generation X 1965-1980 (40-55)
· Millennials 1981-1996 (24-39)
· Generation Z 1997-Present (0-23)

All generations have varying preferences where the food and beverage industry is concerned, coffee more than most. Millennials have reshaped the coffee industry with their desire for specific requirements that revolve around sustainability and adventurous flavors. However, it has been found that the older generations drink more coffee than the younger. The age group which consumes the most coffee is the silent generation (60+), with the millennials coming in a close second. Contrastingly, the lowest consumers of coffee are generation Z.

Millennials are very adventurous when it comes to coffee, they tend to lean towards trends; ready to drink coffee options, nitro & cold-brew coffee. There is an increased desire for premium products and millennials are consuming increasing amounts of coffee. There is a dominant emphasis on premiumization within the generation. However, it has been stated that older generations are investing in their coffee consumption with an increase in preference for specialty coffee.

Sustainability is a fundamental trend that many consumers consider as they commit to their coffee purchases. Sustainability has had a significant impact on the consumption habits of the younger generations, specifically millennials. Millennials are questioning the origin of their coffee with increased depth and intent (Organic, Fair & direct trade etc.). This generation predominantly look for sustainability strategies and initiatives which improve our local and global societies & environment. However, sustainability extends itself cross generationally and positively influences their coffee purchases.

With the coffee industry continuing to grow, it’s more vital than ever for businesses to diversify and differentiate to capture the demands of their specific market. The demand for quality, sustainable coffee is unified across generations. Consumers aim to connect with brand authenticity and practices, in turn, positively impacting their purchases. The ‘triple bottom line’ for Big Dog Coffee will be paramount as we continue to move through uncertain times. We hope the authenticity and values, on which Big Dog was created, extend to all our current and future generations. Big Dog aim to provide the coffee and purpose for all.


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