The Rescue Hotel

Big Dog Coffee are extremely excited to announce a collaboration with The Rescue Hotel.

The Rescue Hotel was formed in 2019 by a small group of volunteer dog walkers from Cardiff Dogs Home.

The Rescue Hotel believe the best breed is rescue, there is no need to buy a dog when there are thousands, all different shapes and sizes looking for their forever home at shelters.

The purpose is to raise funds to support the hundreds of beautiful dogs who find themselves at Cardiff Dogs Home each year.

The funds raised will be used to provide food, toys, veterinary care, training classes and any required building improvements. 

Unfortunately, not all dogs are as lucky as Clyde and the Big Dog ambassadors. Therefore, Big Dog feels the need to support the charity by any means possible.

Our upcoming Christmas collection will be devoted entirely to The Rescue Hotel. We've selected a new specialty Indonesian Sumatra which will take the name 'The Rescue'.

This is a small step to begin our amazing collaboration with The Rescue Hotel and we intend to continue to give back as we grow.

All for the love of Coffee & Dogs.


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