The Value in Specialty

As Big Dog continues to grow so does its community. Therefore, it’s paramount that we’re able to collectively recognise the ‘specialty’ of our coffee.

Specialty coffee is an art, comprised of cultivating, roasting, preparing and enjoying a beverage of exceptional aroma and flavour. Specialty coffees are those of the highest quality coffee beans, accurately roasted and brewed, to showcase their greatest flavour potential.

A shift in consumer focus has been displayed since the 1980s, people have an increasing interest in a lifestyle of enjoying and appreciating finer quality foods and beverages. People are consuming less mainstream coffee and increasing their consumption of coffee with higher quality and value.

A coffee’s potential flavour and aroma consists of the precursor compounds within the green beans. The procurement of high-quality coffee beans is a paramount function of any roastery and facilitates the strategic objective of the company.

High quality coffees are often associated with and named after their places of origin, Ethiopia Shakiso, Colombia Suarez and Brazil Sao Lucas, for example.

The specialty coffee business model which Big Dog adopts, aims to deliver value-added, highly differentiated products. All respective characteristics of the coffee are illustrated (Aroma, flavour, body, growing conditions) and a 100-point scale is utilised to summarise the taste and aesthetic quality of the brewed coffee.

Value proposition comprises of the product characteristics, upgrading possibilities and quality standards. Each of Big Dog’s coffees are differentiated through quality ratings, origins and varietals. Upgrading potential is vast, Big dog are an independent roaster which allows flexibility throughout the procurement process.

Our target customer base is ever growing. Big Dog aim to accommodate the conspicuous, indulgent and hedonistic lead customer. As consumption progressively increases, its evident, specialty coffee is for everyone.

Being independent allows Big Dog complete flexibility with procurement. Coffee beans are purchased in smaller quantities through direct communication with producers and importers.

The market structure of specialty coffee has been traditionally fragmented. Big dog have the desire and belief to make specialty coffee coherent.

As roasters, it’s our mission to illustrate the value created with your investment in specialty. How the investment creates purpose; from the producer, to your consumption and enjoyment.


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