Women in Coffee

Life is arguably all about balance. The timeless topic of gender equality continues to proliferate within the coffee industry. At Big Dog, relationships and connection are the life blood of what we do. It’s our continued philosophy to select and showcase our coffee with the producer at the forefront of everything we do.

As a company started by a brother and sister, its our desire to create connection, provide opportunity and support the coffee community. Steady growth has provided us with the ability to communicate our partnerships on a larger scale and increase the positive impact across all facets of the supply chain. The following article highlights how we aim to make a difference and grow a company encompassing values of trust, development and sustainability within coffee and our community.  

Around the world women play a significant role in the production of coffee. On small holder and family plots, women carry out the majority of maintenance and harvesting work. Despite their vital contributions, women tend to have little control over the harvest proceeds and the coffee industry seldom make provision for women’s interests. Globally, women coffee producers relinquish 20% of all landowners but carry out 70% of the harvest specific tasks. According to the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association), women endure the so called ‘double burden’, they work longer hours in comparison to men due to the labour expectations on the farm which accompany their duties at home and with childcare. Despite the increased workload, the disparity between male and female renumeration remains significant. The opportunity for economic progress remains inhibited subsequently impacting their rights as farmers and leaders within their respective communities.

Research shows that increased access to resources for women, specifically in the agricultural industry, produces positive effects on education, health, nutrition, overall welfare and poverty reduction. Traditional gender divisions need to stop limiting females to subsistence production and further develop women’s potential from a commercial aspect.

Creating a diverse coffee offering has always been at the core of our purchasing philosophy. Featuring and telling the story of the respective producers from across the globe is one of the reasons why we love doing what we do. Our latest Ugandan lot, produced by the women’s group of the Culamuk washing station, is a commitment to diversity. It’s an opportunity for Big Dog to demonstrate the depth of quality and to support a future for women in coffee production. The quality truly sends a message beyond the cup. It welcomes the question of equal rights between male and female farmers, all the while removing the societal limitations placed upon women within the coffee producing nations.

The natural processed banger has tasting notes of cherry, blueberry and delicate dark chocolate. Roasted for both espresso and filter, this natural is a true crowd pleaser. The coffee is now available to purchase, so pick up a bag before the lot runs out!


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