Filter vs. Espresso

What exactly is the difference between filter and espresso?

Some of us get into our comfort zones with our coffee consumption, Big dog has certainly been there all too often. However, exploring new means of exercising your beans is always necessary for the coffee fiend.

To get you guys started, we've put together a small guide outlining exactly what the differences are. It's then up to you guys to decide how best to put our beans to use.

What is Espresso?

An espresso is small in size, pungent in flavor and strong in stature.

Espresso is brewed by pushing hot water through the ground beans at an extremely high pressure and speed. Hence why a specific machine is required to produce an espresso.

An espresso machine uses roughly 9 bars of pressure to push water through ground coffee for 20-30 seconds. Espresso machines these days are automatic so baristas do not need to understand all the finer details of their tool. Perfecting their brew is paramount.

Pour-over you say?

This is a much simpler method of brewing coffee. All you need is water and good ground coffee (preferably Big Dog .. ) to make the magic happen. A V60, Chemex or Aeropress are some of the most common weapons of choice.

Some people regard espresso as the "purest" coffee, while others drink pour-overs for their more mellow and silky-drinking quality.

However, it boils down to skill - a good barista will be able to maximise the potential of any brewing method.

We hope this clears things up for you guys!


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