'Thea' - Rwanda, Kivu

'Thea' - Rwanda, Kivu

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Origin - Rwanda

Region - Kivu

Washing station - Rwamatamu 

Importer - Omwani

Varietal - Red Bourbon

Process - Fully Washed

Altitude - 1800 - 2000m 

Tasting Notes - Bergamot, Mandrin, Caramel

A little late to the 2023 party but we're completely enthused to be releasing our first Rwanda coffee of the year! Single origin African coffee continues to make it's way into our line up and the fully washed from the Kivu region defies expectations. The high altitude paired with the meticulous processing at the Rwamatamu washing station, has resulted in a cup embodied with fresh citrus and complexity

We were first introduced to this coffee from Rwamatamu at a coffee cupping earlier in the year. The family run business, owned by Mukantwaza Laetitia and Rutaganda Gaston, have been operating for over 13 years. 

They founded Rwamatamu in 2015 aiming for a financial gain but also contribute to fight against poverty in rural communities through harvesting coffee. Rwamatamu’s coffee farm and washing station are located in the Western province of Rwanda, where the landscape consists of picturesque rolling hills flanked around Lake Kivu in Nyamasheke District.

This region provides a tropical highland climate with an average temperature of 14 to 24 c and regular rainfall. This makes arabica coffee to flourish and result in a dense, hard bean with superior coffee flavour. Aim to expect tasting notes of bergamot, mandarin and caramel.