Belu - Timor-Leste, Rototu
Belu - Timor-Leste, Eratoi - Big Dog Coffee Company
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Belu - Timor-Leste, Rototu

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Origin - Timor-Leste

Region – Rototu

Producer Group - Rototu (13 small holder farmers)

Lead Farmer - Simao Pedro de Desus

Altitude – 1420masl 

Process – Fully Washed

Varietal – Typica, Timor-Hybrid

Tasting Notes - Stone Fruits, Peach, Toffee

For the second year running we have a beautiful, fully washed, Timorese coffee making it’s way into our line up. Eratoi’s popularity in 2023 was unfathomable, making it an easy decision to return yet another noteworthy coffee from Timor this year.

The undeniable quality of the Rototu has to be attributed to a harmonious relationship between Karst Organics and the small holder farmers of Timor. Situated in the western part of Letefoho, Rotutu is the flagship group with whom Karst were first introduced, back in 2017. Upon this first meeting, they recognised instantly the potential of East Timorese coffee and entered into a partnership with the community to elevate their coffee quality in order to open new opportunities in international markets, and ultimately maximise their earning potential.

After 2 years of research and at the request of the community, Karst built the Rotutu processing facility in 2019. Preceding the build, a cherry purchasing model whereby the purchase price has continued to increase year on year and this year (2023) saw Karst purchase cherry at a 33% higher price than that of the local commercial price. Whilst they‘ve known that the highest price doesn’t always guarantee the best quality, in the case of Rotutu, this has incentivised members to take great care in selectively harvesting only the ripest red cherries for processing.

Combined with the expertise of their team who are employed at the facility, together they have been able to see great improvements in the quality of the coffee which Rotutu has been producing since their partnership began.

Its a coffee with statement quality; the vast depth of flavour shines through an incredibly clean cup. Juicy stone fruits and sweet toffee are embodied by a pleasing, mild acidity. It’s simply a coffee to boss the pallet, despite the brewing method.