Our Journey

Who are Big Dog?

We are Huw, Hannah and the boss black Labrador, Clyde. Before you ask, we’re brother and sister (not husband and wife). We are the founders, roasters and everything in between which makes up our Roastery in the old industrial town of Ebbw Vale, South Wales.


We’re doing this differently.

Our backgrounds have brought us together to provide fresh industry, new opportunity and education through our passion for coffee.

Its our mission to conserve the environment, provide sustainable economic development and reduce our planets carbon footprint.

 Our work extends beyond our community. We're working for a better future.


The Philosophical bit  

 A story of communities across the world, connected by coffee. We are specialty in nature, cohesive in message. Our specialty coffee roastery is built upon a producer based philosophy. The story of the farmer, the journey of their beans and understanding their purpose. Big Dog commits to continuously acknowledge and communicate the story of specialty coffee across all communities.


How we Roast

We are independent, Welsh roasters and we intend to understand our producer's purpose which provides complete insight into how our coffee should be cared for during the roasting process. It's our desire to emulate the superior diligence executed by the producer during the harvest, through our roasted coffee.

Roasting is a craft of fine margins, a farmer's hard work may be quickly undone if the roasting process is executed without care and accuracy. With this in mind, we strive for excellence and continuous improvement to ensure the quality of our coffee is superior.

Where you can find us

The roastery is located on the historic site of the Ebbw Vale steelworks. Ebbw Vale is a town at the head of the valley formed by the Ebbw Fawr tributary. The town is the largest in the Blaenau Gwent county with a population of 33,000. Ebbw Vale earns its historic status through iron and steel manufacturing.